View More: R. Riley (Glendale, Arizona, USA) is a professional event planner, designer, and educator with a background in successful planning and seamless execution of meetings and special events. In 1996, she began her study in event planning, a profession that was foreign to many and one for which school and training were limited. Given her belief that anything is possible, she channeled her energy to books, websites, magazines and videos while also looking to positive, well-respected people in the event planning industry. Riley then developed a list of what she learned was critical to the success of an event planner. In 2002, the Arizona native opened her business. Many clients were amazed by her
knowledge of event planning, and this lead to Riley traveling as a professional speaker in the event planning industry. She has been invited on
numerous occasions to deliver her motivational speech “The Power of Events,” which has educated attendees about special events and life planning.
Riley holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts and a Masters in Business Administration.

David Tatura and I designing at a wedding showcase in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Flying Trapeze!
USA Gymnastics Coach since 2001.